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As a note, apparently one of my top search terms is “fuck papyrus.” Why though? What’s wrong with it? And why does it lead to here, my weblog?

So, today I felt super groggy and gross (Did I mention I had knee surgery just about a month ago?) so I did not read much philosophy. Instead, I read:

Karla Kelsey: Into the Eyes of Lost Storms
Donald Hall: Without

So I was eating cous cous for lunch and saw Narwhal, a collection of chapbooks, which I never got a chance to buy because the website was confusing, sitting on the shelf, and read Karla’s immediately. I’m not a good judge of how good it was because, quite honestly, when I see Karla walk it looks like she’s float/gliding and she could rhyme pain with rain and I’d still think, “oh my god, these words are as beautiful as she is.” But anyway: I loved it. And might read it over again at lunch later on.

I ordered Without because he wrote letters poems to his dead wife, much as I am writing letter poems to my dead, dream child. I ILLed this book, read it under the maple in front of the library, cried so much the tears made it to the back of my neck, returned it. Straightforward, sad, but not melancholy.

I just don’t care about Foucault anymore, sorry L.Skitz. But it will get done.


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I’d like to think that I’m being productive, but really I’m avoiding my philosophy paper that I took an incomplete on.

Dorthea Lasky: Awe
Tone Skrjanec (trans: Joshua Beckman): Sun on a Knee
Catherine Wagner: My New Job
Tom Kealey: The Creative Writing MFA Handbook

Awe was lovely, though I must admit I got lost at the end. The poems just didn’t hold me the way they did at the beginning.

Sun on a Knee is a tiny book (palm sized!) and also just lovely. Each poem is three lines and only a few words. I was particularly partial to “out of the corner of my eye / I watch the waves / undressing the beach.”

My New Job left me feeling the same as Awe. I loved the first 3/4s and then somewhere I got lost. But the middle section was the best, she was threw words around like spinart and it was fucked up and awesome.

So, the Handbook was only mostly read, but the parts I didn’t skim I read very carefully. I am now compiling a list of possible grad schools. Thanks AWP Guide!

Now, to push forward!

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Here’s what I’ve read:
Kate Greenstreet: The Last Four Things
K.A. Hayes: Dear Apolocolypse
Sabrina Orah Mark: Tsim Tsum
Dorthea Lasky: Poetry is Not a Project

Tsim Tsum was certainly my favorite. I met Sabrina at AWP, forgot about it, and then Karla sent me her book, and I remembered again. I like he because she has a weird obsession with babies too! Also her poems are beautiful.

I’ve read parts of Dear Apocolypse before (and met K.A. [she was very cute/pregnant]), but it just doesn’t do for me what I like. I like the poems, but sometimes I feel like she’s just talking to me. Which is fine, but not what I want.

Poetry is Not a Project reminded me of Alison Feldish.

Greenstreet’s book was beautiful, but I really don’t think I understood a word in it.

House sitting–poetry–little dog and cat.


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