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“During the in-class reading of the manuscripts, our group, as well as the fiction group, was making fun of quite a few of the manuscripts.   While I think this might have been slightly unprofessional I do not think it was wrong.  First, we were not attacking the person who wrote the pieces—the submissions were blind, after all—but the words themselves.  Sometimes, poems are funny, regardless of the intent.  Second, I think that it is very stiff to only ever take writing seriously.  That is not to say that it is a job that should be taken lightly, but if writers only ever focused on the truth and seriousness of literature, they would miss a lot of what literature is about, because they would only have one perspective.  Third, Ally Harris once asked a group of us at the Summer Writer’s Workshop if we were making fun of a story that was going to be discussed later.  We told her yes, our heads hung.  ‘Good,’ she said, ‘That’s what real writing majors do.’  I respect Ally Harris, and if she says that it is okay, I am willing to say that it is too.”


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So my workshop for the naked pictures story went really well.  Bailey called it a “breakthrough” story for me which essentially equalled “Hey Liz! Guess what? You CAN still write fiction!”

As a note, that piddley 12 page draft ended up being a solid 19 pages, which I was very proud of.  Now I just need to cut half of it and learn about how boners work in old men. My research was from a different generation.

The problem is that I still haven’t done a thing for my first story, the grandfather story. I started re-writing it today in third person (kill me) and have all of three sentences.

I wish it were warmer outside so I could enjoy the sun.

All my affections,


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