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If we are so privileged, why are these things so hard?
This guy.
I’m picking up a philisophy minor ala Kelsey, Wall, and I believe Blankinship?
“We like to have concrete answers, and Shelley provides us with none.”
I think I’m going to write my Novel paper about Hobbes in Frankenstein.

keep talking
about apples
but when I
hand you
one it
even fit
into your


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So I started reading Frankenstein and remembered that I hated this book when I read it when I was 17.  I’m working on not hating it now, but its hard not to hate a book when some chick just sat around a a fire and got super intoxicated and then wrote all day.  That’s impression I got, at least. Maybe I will love it now.

Also, why is Paradise Lost a novel again?  I mean, I’m sure it is, or else RR wouldn’t have had us read it, but I’m amazed that no one (including myself) has brought it up yet.

Also,  read this and know how hopeless college can make you feel.  When really we’re all privileged.

“be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a great battle.”

NOTE: This is the movie that my HONORS ENGLISH teacher showed us of Frankenstein. The movie is abotu 10 times as ridiculous as the trailer:

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