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I would like to examine my list of things that I wanted to do this summer.

1) Learn to spin (getting my grandma’s wheel in early June!)
2) Knit a baby blanket
3) Knit a baby hat
4) Finish Josh Dean’s smoking gloves/hat
5) write write write
6) specifically–write a solid manuscript of “Girls from the River School,” esply the Fall of the Patriarch section
7) Sing sing sing!
8) Convince Justin to finish illustrating my children’s book
9) Make Homebrew
10) Grow things
11) Uh. get a job.

I think that this is actually pretty impressive, considering. I did write, though not as much (though when would I be satisfied with how much I write?) And I am partially ahead on my manuscript, and I did sing SOME, though Josh and Tara have been playing less shows since they got back from tour so I haven’t really had an opportunity to sing.  I didn’t make homebrew and actually didn’t hang out with my dear Mr. Arawjo at all (foolishness), but I did grow things and get a job AND I knit Kenny a sweatervest and did a lot of editing that I hadn’t planned.  All and all fairly successful!

Also, I would like to say that I just finished Rapture by Susan Minot and am not totally sure how I feel about it.  I mean, it is, afterall, essentially 115 pages of a girl giving a guy the most introspective blowjob ever.  But I think what really bothers me is that I feel like she didn’t come to any new conclusions than she did in “Lust”–The story of hers that changed my life. Okay, so sex can be everything, but mostly it’s the girls giving themselves up and the guys not getting their emotions.  Rapture deals with people in their thirties, people who, in all likelyhood, could have gotten married and settle down, but didn’t.  Instead, they have long, long sexual histories, multiple boy/girlfriends that lasted years and yet still are stuck in the same pain of obessive lust and love, where everything is totally fucked up. I guess I just feel like the girl from “Lust” grew up and never learned, but “Lust” was shorter and less sad.  Though I will say Rapture allowed us to see the man’s confusion and struggle, which is ignored in “Lust” for obvious reasons.  It’s worth reading, though, as our darling Susan wraps herself around language and makes it orgasm in our ears again and again, plus. as I said, it’s only 115 pages.

That’s all.


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You’d think I would have more to say in the summer, but, unfortuanatly, I tend to use my summers for non-writerly things since I actually have time.  I’ve been reading a lot of Melissa’s poetry, and doing a terrible job of mailing her back.  I’ve been writing a lot of snippets here and there, and doing a lot of editing–for SU Review and for manuscripts.  I also have been spinning wool a lot and screening lots of shirts.  Also–work at Fashion Bug.

I will say I got most of the way through the July and August issue of Poetry and was very impressed.  The conceptual/flarf section did, I think, a really good job of presenting poetry in that “genre” that wasn’t–I’m sure there’s a better word for this–but that wasn’t dumb. It was all really funny and nice and sort of got to me in a good way.

Um.  I should probably be doing a million other things with my summer.  There’s never enough time.  I haven’t seen so many of my friends.  Blah blah blah.  It is nice to have money, though.

I miss you.


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