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So today in Adv. Poetry we read a poem called “fuck” that was mostly about how everyone should say fuck in three haikus.  Karla made us say fuck over and over to see if it would lose its meaning.  Karla looked me in the eye and said fuck twice and believe me when I say that that word can not lose its meaning if it is coming out of the mouth of Karla Kelsey.  She could speak purely in pronouns, and it would be beautiful.  Nevertheless, I think that any word will use its meaning if abused.  The word “nice” is an example.  Yeah, it means something, but not much.

In contemporary poets, we watched a 20 minute thing on John Ashbery and I can’t decide whether or not I hate or love that guy. It started with this clip:

Ok, so yeah, dude’s old and retired and won some ridiculous shit, but seriously.  He writes poetry  for two hours and then sleeps? And later, when he talked about his revision process, he essentially said that he trained himself to be lazy so that he could write poetry without editing it.  The poems he doesn’t like he just trashes.  His poems, at least the ones I’ve read from Some Trees are, as I explained to my class, “why my mother hates poetry.”  Their language is conversational, but their meaning is foggy.   Their lineation seems to purely be for lineation.  At the same time, he seems like a nice dude who just wants to write poetry, and I’m okay with that. 

Anyway, there are plenty of things that I should be doing instead of this right now, the first of which is drink Hot Chocolate with Cornelius.

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