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For the duration of this semester, I’ll be using this weblog dually for my own pleasure as well as for my Forms: the Novel class with the brilliant and endearing Randy Robertson.  Here’s my blackboard post about stuff, for sake of continuity.

My name is Elizabeth Deanna Morris (which is one syllable short of being in iambic pentameter.) My E-mail is morrise@susqu.edu, which I think is funny because it’s like Morrisey, the musician, but without the y.

Back in the day, I took some German for four years and somehow tested out of it here. I can say “Mein Lieblingsessen ist Pizza und Spaghetti,” and “Ich liebe dich.” These mean “My favorite food is pizza and spaghetti” and “I love you” respectively. That’s about it.

From this class, I hope to gain an appreciation for Moby Dick. I read Billy Budd as a sophomore in high school and hated it. I, indeed, tend to hate dear Herman in general because of that book. I tried really, really hard to get a head start on Moby Dick this summer and failed tremendously. The main dude got to a shady inn, and I decided to read Susan Minot instead.

My strengths in writing are that I’m really good at writing creepy poems about people that I have crushes on, mostly girls (ask Nadia about it). Because of this, I’m good at writing really beautiful descriptions of women’s bodies and a lot of sexual metaphors. My weakness is fiction, mostly because it scares me, and when I try to write it I get really angsty and freak out and do not get anything done. I also have a strength in grammar and sentence structure, which is important because I have a semi-colon tattooed behind my right ear, and, if I was bad at grammar, I would not only look silly but would be a hypocrite.

As briefly mentioned, I read Susan Minot’s Monkeys and Rapture. I would suggest Monkeys, because it is a lot more interesting than Rapture if you have already read “Lust.” Rapture just felt like a hundred and twenty pages of “Lust.” Movie-wise, I just rewatched The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou for the thirtieth time and still adore it.

The interesting thing about me is that I consider myself as much of a knitter as I do a writer. I knit the hat that I was wearing in class today. If I could pick up a knitting/fibers minor my life would be complete, but, alas, no such thing exists, and I’d probably be the one teaching the classes if there were. I started to learn to spin wool this summer on my Grandma’s wheel, though, as a creative writing major, I’ve been spinning yarns for a long time.

I also love puns.

I already have a blog that I use to talk about writing/literature/knitting, so I’ll be using that one for this class: https://exclamate.wordpress.com”

Fascinating, I know.


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Thank you, Susan, for Monkeys. It had everything I love about you but without the “repeat” that I felt in Rapture.  I think Spencer said once that this was his favorite selection of short stories.  Each story opened up the characters a little bit more.  I was amazed when some things happened–the pregnancy, the mom dying–and I felt and believed it like I was in the family.  Like it was a thing you just couldn’t see coming.  I never questioned it.

Work all the time–which is good, really.  Kenny’s coming up tonight!  Knitting circle tonight too!  Now, time to get dressed and eat before I walk the walk to the Fashion Bug.




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Okay, so I’ve completely revamped my structure for my chapbook that will (hopefully) come out this fall.  By come out I mean “I will print a whole bunch of copies and give them to people.”  I have to give huge props to Brian Henry and Quarantine for this one, but I think I do something different enough with it that its okay.  Also, I’m 20 (21 by then) and get to fuck around, right?

So, imagine this: Cover “Girls from the River School” with some sick print that Alicia makes me (Alicia Ritter, parallel in life)
All the contents or whatever bullshit
The quote, “Oh, Susquehanna / And I wonder, what did they do with the bodies?” Which is from that Defiance Ohio song which I have been trying to work into this goddamn thing for awhile.
Light poem
Section one “Girls from the River School” (aka all dem luv pmz)
Dark Poem
Section two “(Girls)”

In (Girls) what I do is, much like Brian Henry from Quarantine, is take cut up lines, from the bottom up, of my ever so saccharine love poems and basically make it sound like I mutilated and murdered all of the girls I have crushes on. I first did this with my “(Love Poem to a Women who Never went by Anne)” (Is that the name–it seems longer–whatever) because that one was already sort of “stalker”-y. Karla suggested in my portfolio that I do this with all of the poems, and it’s turning out very well.  It also creates a beautiful balance to how sweet the other poems are.  Plus there’s the recycling-language-togive-everything-new-meaning-we-already-have-words-just-reuse-them thing.  I told you I read the July/August Issue of Poetry very closely!

Anyway, I just had this revelation the other day and am feeling pretty good about it. You know, because no one has told me it sucks yet. Jesus, I’m so angsty.

In other news–Knitting, beat my roommate to Cupboard Maker Books to get cheap novels, Louie Land beat me to DJ Ernst’s, Spun some cotton, dyed wool with the kool-aid, blah blah blah

All my affections,


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And I sort of can. It is summer, after all.

Photo 129

Photo 130

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So, I got a 4.0 this semester, which makes me feel pretty good about my life.  Now I’m home and trying to organize my life.  I cleaned out my closet for the first time since (I’m assuming, since there wasn’t anything in there before then) the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school (ironic, as it is the summer between sophomore and junior year of college).  Anyway, I found a lot of my old writing (rather funny) and some originals of stuff (the one remaining copy of the full length version of “Samantha and Jeanette Isabella” from when I didn’t understand that short stories…end).  Then, I have to move all of my stuff from the living room upstairs.

Then I can get into my summer goals, which I shall list here:

1) Learn to spin (getting my grandma’s wheel in early June!)
2) Knit a baby blanket
3) Knit a baby hat
4) Finish Josh Dean’s smoking gloves/hat
5) write write write
6) specifically–write a solid manuscript of “Girls from the River School,” esply the Fall of the Patriarch section
7) Sing sing sing! (I’ll get to this in a second)
8) Convince Justin to finish illustrating my children’s book
9) Make Homebrew
10) Grow things
11) Uh. get a job.

So, it’s official. I’m going to be a Murderboat this summer. !!!
Josh Dean, my friend who I met through Justin, really likes my voice, and asked me to sing background with Tara this summer! I’m so excited. Josh and Tara and Justin are some of my favorite people in Harrisburg these days, and now I have a real reason to spend time with them! The first show is in Philly on Saturday. I’m very excited. And by that, I mean, I’m glad Josh didn’t see me skipping around my front yard when he called me.

Also, Melissa Goodrich just called me and we’re going to be mailing each other poetry all summer! Which is good, because it will motivate me to actually write. Also, I plan on editing my stories and mailing them to Tom Bailey. Because I do that. I always do that! I find people’s addresses on the internet and then mail them things!


Those are my plans for the summer. Things are going well!

All my affections,


EDIT: Looks like I’ll be editing a children’s fantasy manuscript for a woman in Williamsport. Easy money! And what I do in school anyway! Craigslist FTW.

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