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“New” Salinger Book

The Onion’s Response to Salinger Coming Out of Hiding

“So far, critics have examined three never-before-seen novels, eight novellas, and more than two dozen short stories—all of which appear to be Terminator fan fiction.” = My biggest fear for Salinger.



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Elizabeth Morris wrote to Nathan J. Robinson
at 9:19pm on March 26th, 2009
“Does the fact that Salinger became a recluse ever piss you off so much you wish he were dead so that they could publish all the stuff he wrote and didn’t publish posthumously?”

Nathan J. Robinson wrote to Elizabeth Morris
at 9:39am on March 27th, 2009

“He was always sort of a recluse, it’s just been way worse over the last thirty years. Unfortunately, I have wished a loving, loving death on him many times, just so I can read all of the reams of paper that are probably in that shack of an office where he sequestered himself and ruined so many marriages.”

Nathan of Raise Up Roof Beams, one of my favorite bands evahhh (named after Raise High the Roof Beams, Carpenters), agrees with me about this whole JD thing.

Anyway, signing up for classes, am one short, have no idea what to do.  My second poem is getting workshopped on Monday, this time it’s a love poem about Billie.  I’m starting to realize it’s all I write.  Oh well.  I just run myself to the end of this ridiculousness and start writing about….existentialism or some shit.

Also, next Tuesday I’m getting workshopped for fiction too.  Luckily, I should have a decent draft by then, one that won’t make me feel like death.  Also, next Tuesday Sue Miller will be here.  I can’t wait to ask her, “Do you ever get annoyed being asked questions about a book you wrote twenty years ago?”  Because we read the The Good Mother and that was published in ’86.  Also, at Emma’s Food For Life, the restaurant I work at in Selinsgrove, they’re having a community dinner Tuesday.  Emma got a grant from SU to have one of these every month for six months!  It’s free! She going to be talking about cooking local, economical, and sustainable food.  I love working there.  It really is a community.

Now, to organize everything for SU Review and eat something!
All my affections,
(3/5 days next semester I’ll have a 9 o’clock class. UGH)

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