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But I did.  I started a blog.  Neat, right?  Maybe I’m doing this because I feel that my voice means something in writing community (my little, sophomore, youngest-one-I-met-at-AWP-was-myself, undergrad voice), maybe I’m avoiding reading my fiction (thus allowing me to avoid WRITING fiction), maybe I just want to be able to have all my friend’s blogs conveniently listed in a sidebar so I don’t have to type them in everyday, maybe I don’t feel like I can write about poetry in my Diaryland (ever heard of it?) which I’ve had since I was 13 and also documents every single romantic relationship that I’ve ever had, but whatever it is: here it is.

Oh, or maybe I just want to have an excuse to whine about how I’m questioning my existence as a writer because everyday I come out of Bailey’s workshop feeling like fiction is an endless battle similar to finding a cure for cancer (which is, in itself, a totally made up thing.  There will never be just one magic cure for cancer.  There are a lot of different kinds of cancer. There are a lot of different kinds of fiction.  All of them seem ominous as shit.).

Or maybe I’m just being trendy!  Blogs are so indie-rock, punk-pop, folk-sop, etc.

Now, to figure out how the hell to make this thing look cool.

All my affections,


P.S. I’m pretty sure I made up folk-sop


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