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To: Elizabeth Morris
From: Lazy Eye Press
Subject: Your Submission

Dear Liz Morris,

Congratulations! On behalf of Lazy Eye Press, we would like to inform you that The Girl With Strawberry Hair has been selected as the winner of the poetry chapbook contest. Out of all of the submissions received, the editorial board determined that your piece contained the highest quality of writing and possessed a raw emotional heat. We are honored to share your work with the Susquehanna community.

As a winner of the contest, your work will be published in a chapbook , which will be made available to the university. A launch will be held sometime in the second week of December, at which you will read from your chapbook and your published work will be celebrated.

Once again, congratulations on your success, and thank you for choosing to submit to Lazy Eye Press.


Laura and Charlotte

Managing Editors, Lazy Eye Press

Lauren won too! I am so excited and happy about this. Especially that I won paired with Lauren.


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So, I got a 4.0 this semester, which makes me feel pretty good about my life.  Now I’m home and trying to organize my life.  I cleaned out my closet for the first time since (I’m assuming, since there wasn’t anything in there before then) the summer between sophomore and junior year of high school (ironic, as it is the summer between sophomore and junior year of college).  Anyway, I found a lot of my old writing (rather funny) and some originals of stuff (the one remaining copy of the full length version of “Samantha and Jeanette Isabella” from when I didn’t understand that short stories…end).  Then, I have to move all of my stuff from the living room upstairs.

Then I can get into my summer goals, which I shall list here:

1) Learn to spin (getting my grandma’s wheel in early June!)
2) Knit a baby blanket
3) Knit a baby hat
4) Finish Josh Dean’s smoking gloves/hat
5) write write write
6) specifically–write a solid manuscript of “Girls from the River School,” esply the Fall of the Patriarch section
7) Sing sing sing! (I’ll get to this in a second)
8) Convince Justin to finish illustrating my children’s book
9) Make Homebrew
10) Grow things
11) Uh. get a job.

So, it’s official. I’m going to be a Murderboat this summer. !!!
Josh Dean, my friend who I met through Justin, really likes my voice, and asked me to sing background with Tara this summer! I’m so excited. Josh and Tara and Justin are some of my favorite people in Harrisburg these days, and now I have a real reason to spend time with them! The first show is in Philly on Saturday. I’m very excited. And by that, I mean, I’m glad Josh didn’t see me skipping around my front yard when he called me.

Also, Melissa Goodrich just called me and we’re going to be mailing each other poetry all summer! Which is good, because it will motivate me to actually write. Also, I plan on editing my stories and mailing them to Tom Bailey. Because I do that. I always do that! I find people’s addresses on the internet and then mail them things!


Those are my plans for the summer. Things are going well!

All my affections,


EDIT: Looks like I’ll be editing a children’s fantasy manuscript for a woman in Williamsport. Easy money! And what I do in school anyway! Craigslist FTW.

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Hand Screend

Hand Screened

I screened 110 (10 extra for good measure) of covers for Shane’s chapbook for editing and publishing.  It was glorious and only took two hours! I’m SO proud!

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