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“3. For a long time something beautiful was going to happen.
4. But this was not the beautiful thing” (Mark 9).

I had my senior reading and have been fighting with the internet to get it online. But soon.

Chapbooks available, as soon as I print more, send me your address, and I’ll send you one!

Karla says I need to start throwing my poetry self against walls in the dark. I had a dream I ate a baby the other night. Sabrina Orah Mark would be proud, but I just can’t make myself turn it into a poem. Alison Dubai is one dead baby enough.

Works Cited:

Mark, Sabrina Orah. “Don’t Just Do Something, Stand There!” Gulf Coast 22.2 (2010): 9-12. Print.


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Here’s what I’ve read:
Kate Greenstreet: The Last Four Things
K.A. Hayes: Dear Apolocolypse
Sabrina Orah Mark: Tsim Tsum
Dorthea Lasky: Poetry is Not a Project

Tsim Tsum was certainly my favorite. I met Sabrina at AWP, forgot about it, and then Karla sent me her book, and I remembered again. I like he because she has a weird obsession with babies too! Also her poems are beautiful.

I’ve read parts of Dear Apocolypse before (and met K.A. [she was very cute/pregnant]), but it just doesn’t do for me what I like. I like the poems, but sometimes I feel like she’s just talking to me. Which is fine, but not what I want.

Poetry is Not a Project reminded me of Alison Feldish.

Greenstreet’s book was beautiful, but I really don’t think I understood a word in it.

House sitting–poetry–little dog and cat.


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