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“In children, however, the impulse to tell stories and the impulse to play with words often seem to coincide, seem, indeed, to be part of the same impulse. The differences between poetry and fiction, between poets and fiction writers, may now be too well understood, may be understood with an artificial certainty. It may be more useful at the moment to think about their similarities.” — Brian Phillips

This is what makes me think I might be able to write whatever I want for my life. Thanks, Poetry.

There are some days I am sure that I am going to die right there.

Murderboating was good. Not motorboating! I saw Abby, and everything was beautiful.

Summer is officially started!

I got about four ideas for poems last night, so I might actually have something to send to my dear Melissa. I’m feeling really good about the summer. I might try and write a memoir! Oh god.

Also, mewithoutYou’s new album comes out Tuesday. Yes!

Be well!

All my affections,



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